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If your domain belongs to web applications, digital marketing, or online business, then you must have heard about AWS and its services before. You may also have checked out AWS sometimes for its popular cloud infrastructure, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, machine learning, mobile, developer tools, and numerous internet marketing tools. Besides all the other services, the most in-demand services are cloud storage and computing services, with millions of happy customers.

Short Intro

S3 is an abbreviation for Amazon Simple Storage Service, sometimes known as Amazon S3. It is an AWS cloud service that provides safe, highly available, and redundant data storage. Customers of different sizes and sectors utilize it for a variety of purposes, including backup and recovery. It’s a straightforward storage solution with industry-leading durability, availability, performance, security, and almost limitless scalability at a cheap cost.

The most popular choice for infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, most apps and organizations will be able to save money. It has the most extensive collection of tools and a growing variety of third-party connectors. While competitors may do better in some areas, AWS remains the market leader. With an established product and service offering, AWS ensures most things function, and setup and maintenance are simple. It also offers a level of service that smaller players would struggle to match.

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In this AWS review, our main focus is Amazon S3 (S3) because it is the simplest way to use AWS cloud storage. If you require hybrid cloud storage (AWS Storage Gateway), physical devices to connect your local network to AWS (AWS Snow Family), or an emphasis on centrally managed backups (AWS Snow Family), there are many backup and transfer options available from AWS (AWS Backup).


As we know, it is very difficult to manage a position at the top when its rivals are Google, IBM, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Microsoft, etc. If you are a very beginner and want to start a small business then DreamHost can fit you. Technology is advancing and rivals are also developing their services, so Amazon will keep on making its services more and easier to use and competitive to stay on top.

People find it quite difficult to deal with the price structure of all of its services, particularly cloud services. Even if you disregard all other AWS products and concentrate just on Amazon S3, the price for AWS services is difficult to understand. However, Amazon has established an entire website dedicated to estimating the cost of your membership; however, the notion is that you only pay for what you use, with no minimum price needed. You will receive 5GB of free storage space throughout the first year of service.

Your monthly price will also vary depending on how much you’ve saved, how frequently you accessed it, how much you moved in and out of the service, the analytics you conducted, and any backups you performed.

Expect to spend roughly $25 per TB per month for storage on the S3 Standard tier, as a very wide estimate. Storage on levels with occasional usage can be as little as $1 per TB per month. AWS’s storage is the cheapest on the market if configured properly, but its convoluted pricing structure may deter smaller enterprises.


AWS is also a great illustration of how important IaaS is growing in both enterprise and SMB networks. Cloud computing is divided into 18 geographical regions and one local region. This year, the business expects to add 12 Availability Zones and four Regions globally Consider an Availability Zone, which comprises up to six data centers, with more coming online regularly. In summary, if you want a cloud service that will be there for a decade, AWS is the way to go.

Features Of Amazon S3

Features of AWS S3 Cloud Service
Features of AWS S3 Cloud Service

AWS provides the basic cloud services you’d expect: Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Databases, and Networking. But that’s only the start. AWS released 1,012 new features in 2016 and 1,430 in 2017. AWS also offers Mobile, Developer Tools, Management Tools, IoT, security, and corporate apps. High-level admin controls are available via a secure web client. Identity management, auditing, encryption key creation/control/storage, monitoring, and logging are all provided.

Amazon S3 is primarily concerned with storing, managing, and analyzing massive volumes of data. Any object (file) may have metadata attached to it, which makes organizing and analysis much easier to do.

Amazon S3 is a great option if you need to meet regulatory standards. FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, and EU Data Protection regulations may all be met by your data, and technologies are available to help you find and safeguard your most private information

AWS User Interface

AWS employs a single administration panel to handle hundreds of different products, which might be intimidating at first but helps to keep things consistent in the long run. You establish a bucket (a file storage location), select a region, and grant access to others to read and write your data to get started with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Now that you have access to the web interface, you may add objects (files) to your bucket.

Use a third-party upload client if you wish to automate the process. Oddly, AWS doesn’t have its desktop client; there are free alternatives like S3 Browser and CloudBerry Explorer Freeware.

AWS Performance

AWS performance was comparable to other cloud providers I tried. With Geekbench 4 by Primate Labs, I ran these tests on every platform, regardless of the operating system. This benchmark tested memory and integers. The tests were done on a single vCPU with 2 GB of RAM running Windows Server 2016. The greater the score, the better.

AWS performance was comparable to other cloud providers I tried. With Geekbench 4 by Primate Labs, I ran these tests on every platform, regardless of the operating system. This benchmark tested memory and integers. The tests were done on a single vCPU with 2 GB of RAM running Windows Server 2016. The greater the score, the better.

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Customer Support

There is a wealth of information to be found in AWS’ vast knowledge base, but without familiarizing yourself with the vast array of products available, you may become lost.

Three technical support options are offered, starting at $29 per month for Developer assistance, $100 per month for Business help, and $15,000 per month for Enterprise support. These vary depending on how much assistance you receive and the type of guidance you receive.

Like with everything else on AWS, there are different support plans based on how much help you need. Customer service is free, but if you need help with your computer, you’ll have to pay for it.

Machine Learning, Analytics and AI With Amazon S3
Machine Learning, Analytics and AI With Amazon S3

Security with AWS

With AWS, you’ll have the power and trust you need to manage your business in a secure cloud computing environment. Your data, identities, apps, and devices are all protected by AWS data centers and a secure network. AWS’s broad services and capabilities help you better satisfy security and compliance needs such as data location, protection, and confidentiality.

Security Features of AWS S3
Security Features of AWS S3

Automating manual security activities helps you to focus on growing and innovation. Plus, you just pay for what you use. AWS is the only commercial cloud whose services and supply chain have been evaluated and approved for top-secret workloads.

AWS Competitors

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the most direct rivals to AWS. In comparison to AWS, Azure offers more cloud data centers and is probably easier to utilize as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. GCP releases new services or features into general availability (GA), they are usually very high quality. In contrast, when AWS releases something, the quality and production readiness vary greatly. However, it is hampered by a lack of transparency in pricing and high support costs.

  • Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is an American multinational company that is headquartered in …
  • Google Cloud. Also regarded as a top competitor of AWS, Google is a multinational …
  • Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of the Alibaba group. It is a global cloud …
  • IBM. IBM is a top multinational company that is headquartered in New York, the United

Available Data Centers

Every continent except Antarctica is covered by Amazon S3’s 23 data facilities. A total of four S3 data centers (in northern Virginia, Ohio, Northern California, and Oregon) and two dedicated servers for government entities (called GovCloud) are available in the United States. Central Canada and Sao Paulo, brazils are the other North American and South American locations.

AWS Multi-Region Bucket Style
AWS Multi-Region Bucket Style

There are six data centers in Europe, especially in Ireland (city not given), London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, and Stockholm. In addition, there are data centers in the United States. There is a single server in each of Africa and the Middle East, located in Cape Town and Bahrain, respectively, and nine servers in the Asia-Pacific area, located in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sydney.

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In addition to its low cost, extensive feature set, robust security, and massive server network, Amazon S3 is a popular IaaS option. But expect to spend a few hours deciding on and putting up your exact approach. Once you’ve cleared this obstacle, you’ll have access to one of the most powerful cloud platforms available.

Whether or not it is genuinely the greatest IaaS accessible, even though it dominates the industry, is up for discussion. While Microsoft Azure, in the second position, is still behind Amazon S3, it offers a wider network at a lower cost. Backblaze B2 and Wasabi, which are both less expensive solutions, are also becoming more popular. Hope this amazon S3 Review helped you to understand more about AWS S3. If you have any confusion about it then feel free to comment down.

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